'Elements' ~ 2016

'Elements' was a group print exhibition by members of Migaloo Press, an artist collective in Southeast Queensland and beyond.  This marked the inaugeration of the collective.  Artists inlcuded Jennifer Stuerzl, Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, Pat Zuber, Evelyne Upton, Sandra Pearce, Sue Poggioli, Sue Christie, Glenys Briggs, Kay Watanabe, Gerry Connelly, Marianne Wobcke, Jen Conde, Julianna Joos and Jay Dee Dearness.

 Held at Impress Printmakers Studio and Gallery, Brisbane.

'Blueprint' ~2014

 ‘Blueprint’ exhibition was an exhibition of fine art prints by ten Brisbane printmakers responding to ’art and architecture’. Artists include, Vanessa Cox, Jay Dee Dearness, Amanda Page, Sandra Pearce, Ann Roworth, Jennifer Sanzaro-Nishimura, Belinda Sinclair, Evelyn Upton, Kay Watanabe and Pat Zuber.  Held at the Baber Studio, Brisbane.

'Heritage Found' ~ 2014

An Exhibition and Mapping Project of heritage buildings in the Brisbane CBD in association with the National Trust of Australia (Queensland).  Featuring the work of Chris Dunbar and Jay Dee Dearness.  Held at National Trust House as part of Brisbane Open House 2014.

Photography care of Tim Nemeth and the Brisbane Living Heritage Network.

'Vie De Pacifique - Pacific Life' ~ 2012 to 2014

'Vie de Pacifique-Pacific Life' was a unique exchange of original contemporary prints by 51 artists from seven countries in and around the Pacific Ocean.  Initiated, coordinated and curated by then Impress President Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, the exchange coincided with the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial and the 150 year commemoration of South Sea Islanders in Queensland.  This exhibition toured Australia, Chile, Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vanuatu from 2012 to 2014.

'Water Portraits - Portraits d'eau' ~ 2011 to 2012

"The Portraits d'eau exhibition is an exchange between artists from the province of Quebec and the state of Queensland practicing the arts of printing or the original print. Twenty-two artists from both countries were invited to explore the theme of water to bring about a meeting between two cultures because each environment is decisive in our relationship to water." ~ from the catalogue.  Held  at the Warren G Flowers Gallery, Quebec, Canada.

Photography care of Paula Quintela. 

'Cross Currents' ~ 2011

An exhibition of photographic works by Jay Dee Dearness and Ashley Oostdyck exploring the convergence and occasional overlap of two different art projects on the same theme - the sea.  Held at Myrtle Street Studio, Brisbane.

Invitation design and exhibition photography by Ashley Oostdyck.

'Penny Black' ~ 2010

'Penny Black - Exhibition and Zine Launch' curated by Joanna Coltman. An exhibition and zine launch featuring the following exhibitors: Vanessa Berry and Simon Yates, Joanna Coltman, Jay Dee Dearness, Manuela Dobelin, Georgina Lewis, Kate Moore, Joy Serwylo, Michelle Vandermeer and EJ Zyla.  Held at Myrtle Street Studio, Brisbane.

In the collection of the National Library of Australia.

Photography by Joanna Coltman (Smith) and Jay Dee Dearness ~ invitation by Ashley Oostdyck.