I completed courses in fine art through the Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) at Windsor between 2005 & 2007.  Watercolour and Ink painting have been part of my artistic output ever since for illustrations and commissions.

Pen and Ink ~ Black and White

A sample of sketches and illustrative work from 2006 onwards.  Most of these sketches are completed in pen or wash and ink and form the basis for exhibited prints and other commercial work.

Pen and Ink ~ Colour


 In 2006 I began dabbling in Zines and by 2007 I had completed an Introductory Bookbinding Course with the Queensland Bookbinders Guild (QBG - Brisbane).  Since then I have been involved in numerous events, festivals and exhibitions for Artists' Books.  In 2012 I was formally added to 'The Ephemera Collection' of the Australian Library of Art collections at the State Library of Queensland where I am now held and collected.