I completed courses in fine art through the Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) at Windsor between 2005 & 2007.  Watercolour and Ink painting have been part of my artistic output ever since for illustrations and commissions.

Pen and Ink ~ Black and White

My primary drawing tools are pen and ink with wash which I have used for all kinds of personal sketching (which informs my printmaking) and commercial illustrations since 2005.

Pen and Ink ~ Colour

When drawing and painting in colour with pen and ink, I use high quality calligraphy inks to achieve the vibrancy this work imparts.


 In 2006 I began dabbling in Zines and by 2007 I had completed an Introductory Bookbinding Course with the Queensland Bookbinders Guild (QBG - Brisbane).  Since then I have been involved in numerous events, festivals and exhibitions for Artists' Books.  In 2012 I was formally added to 'The Ephemera Collection' of the Australian Library of Art collections at the State Library of Queensland where I am now held and collected.