Harmonising Art, Design and Wellness for You Through my Creative Journey

Hi there, I wanted to introduce myself in this post to give you a peak into why I make the art and design products that I offer, and how they can benefit you!

I am an artist who began my career in printmaking, watercolour and photography within the context of projection and public art.  Previously I ran a Brisbane based art studio and gallery - Myrtle Street Studio, and taught Printmaking through the Brisbane Institute of Art and Impress Printmaker’s Society (of which I am a past vice-president). My arts background is as a master printer in copperplate photogravure having trained at Crown Point Press in San Francisco and under Jon Goodman in Massachusetts (Photogravurist to the Louvre).

My creative practice has always been present since childhood, and I’ve been environmentally conscious from an early age having grown up on a permaculture farm. I still remember running out of paper to draw on and picking up a paint brush and a bucket of water and painting my way around our veranda just so I could keep painting!

Art and life are inseparable - I learn by making, which means that generally I like to research and then use art to visually ‘connect the dots’ – this is how I make sense of the world.  And through it, visually impart the essence of life to my clients and customers.  Art is how I process information.

These days, my day job is as a consultant and designer who certifies buildings for sustainability, health and wellbeing. I have a background as an Interior Designer and have also worked across architecture and landscape architecture. I was also accepted for a PhD with a thesis that focused on the use of art, culture and biophilia within building design to measure the impact of these elements on health and wellbeing of occupants.

In the end, I did not pursue the PhD (but may still in the future).  However, this left me with quite extensive knowledge in the fields of the arts and their relationship to biophilia and improving people's health and wellbeing through design, cultural and sustainable practices.

It was shortly after this that I experienced a major health scare that almost resulted in death, and led to 3 years of struggling to survive as my health practitioners, family and I worked to figure out what was causing my decline, and turn it around.  My experiences during this time distilled for me the wellbeing principles I now use in my art making, pattern making and resulting textiles and homewares.  These principles of biophilia, sacred geometry, and pure joy in life now form the backbone and guiding hand behind the artwork produced today.

Having experienced severe long-term illness, and my ongoing evidence-based research into wellbeing and its relationship to placemaking, culture and sustainable living; I now use this wealth of knowledge to craft work that provides you, my clients and collectors, with these health benefits too.

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