~ Elevating Space through Artful Placemaking / Enriching the Spirit through Wellbeing ~

Hi, I'm Jay Dee Dearness, I've been an artist my whole life, and am also formally trained in interior design, sustainability and wellbeing.  As an artist, I craft more than just art, textiles and homewares; I curate a tapestry of tranquillity and wellbeing for discerning individuals who seek a deeper connection between their living environments and their inner selves. My creations resonate with those who yearn for a harmonious blend of aesthetics and serenity. Whether you're a soulful seeker of joy, a placemaking enthusiast, or a believer in the transformative power of art, my work is tailored to breathe life into your surroundings and nourish your spirit. Immerse yourself in a creative world where vibrant patterns, soulful motifs, and harmonious colours unite to craft an artistic experience that elevates your living spaces and nurtures your inner world. 

My artistic journey is guided by the quest to blend aesthetic beauty with purposeful design, aiming for a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between artistry and wellbeing. This has always been a theme close to my heart, having been raised on a permaculture farm as a child, and experiencing first-hand a wholistic, creative and nurturing environment that grounded me in healthy and sustainable practices.  Combining printmaking, photography, and painting techniques, my creations come alive with dynamic textures and thoughtful details, inviting you to delve into a visual narrative that embraces holistic wellbeing. Central to my work is the embodiment of biophilic design principles, seamlessly weaving elements of nature and a sense of place into each image and pattern. This deliberate connection with the natural world not only enhances visual appeal but also resonates with our inherent human need for a balanced environment. Beyond biophilia, my work draws inspiration from sacred geometry, mindfulness and cultural narratives, enriching the experience with layers of meaning and emotional resonance, resulting in objects that radiate positive energy.

With a solid artistic background in printmaking, photography, watercolour, and hands-on experience in design, sustainability and wellbeing, my artistic journey is centred around creating spaces that radiate joy, meaning, and purpose. Overcoming personal challenges and serious health issues as an adult by returning to my permaculture roots and embracing the healing aspects of nature, community, and art; I've fuelled my commitment to crafting pieces that offer genuine evidence-based health and wellbeing advantages. The pleasure of witnessing the happiness and connection these creations bring to others is immeasurable, as each piece holds the potential to be a wellspring of inspiration and positive energy in the lives of my customers. The goal is to seamlessly blend peace and beauty into your life, a reflection of years dedicated to crafting and innovating for wellness through art and design. By intertwining biophilic design principles, sustainability, and placemaking into my creations, I aspire to shape holistic spaces that emanate both happiness and wellbeing for you.

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If you'd like to read more on my art and design philosophy, please check out the links below:

'Why Beautiful Spaces Make Us Healthier' - an article written by Julia Keim for the International WELL Building Institute, based on a discussion we had focusing on the evidence-based health benefits of beauty in design for the built environment.  Note, I am a WELL Faculty, and WELL Accredited Professional with the IWBI for Certification of the WELL Building Standard in Australia, having worked on the accreditation of major retail and workplace portfolios, cultural, and health spaces as part of my consulting.

'Biophilia - Beyond the Green Wall' - an article co-authored by myself and corporate journalist Willow Aliento, on the principles of biophilia and their evidence basis in health and wellbeing from a design and construction perspective.  This article explores the role of the artistic process in creating better buildings, going beyond the basics of nature inspired interventions in a building designed for wellbeing.  The photography and artwork in this article was kindly supplied by artist Racheal Lee, a past student of mine who also explores similar themes through her work.  These images were from her 2018 exhibition 'Envisage: Unseen Rhythms'.  You can read the essay I wrote for her exhibition catalogue here.

'The Importance of Design & Biophilia for Wellness' - a podcast episode interview with myself by Cundall's Ric Navarro, discussing the importance of the WELL rating system, biophilia, and the synergies between engineering and interior design.