Below are samples of my work, some of my exhibitions, public art and community engagement. For my full CV please get in touch with me here.

  • Printmaking

    I have been an active printmaker since 2005, and have exhibited, taught and completed residencies with printmaking as my primary output for over 17 years now. I received my initial training through the Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) and various individual printmakers (in Australia and overseas). In 2010 I undertook masterprinting training in Copperplate Photogravure at Crown Point Press and in 2011, with Jon Goodman. I also have a Master of Arts in Visual Arts through the Queensland College of Art (Griffith University). My print work is held in private collections internationally, and the Centre for Australian Art ~ Australian Prints and Printmaking at the National Gallery of Australia, as part of Impress Printmakers’ Regenerate exhibition.

  • Watercolour

    I completed courses in fine art through the Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) between 2005 & 2007.  Watercolour and Ink painting have been part of my artistic output ever since for artwork, illustrations and commissions.

  • Pen & Ink

    My primary drawing tools are pen and ink with wash which I have used for all kinds of personal sketching (informing my printmaking practice) and commercial illustrations since 2005. When drawing and painting in colour with pen and ink, I use high quality calligraphy inks to achieve the vibrancy and joy I want this work to impart.

  • Photography

    I have been a photographer since my early teens and have extended this into learning early photographic print processes such as gum bichromate, cyanotypes and solar prints (with Albumen) under Ellie Young's tutelage at Gold Street Studios. I love my Canon dSLR, but still enjoy the process of photographing with my Pinhole camera's, 35mm SLR and very old Polaroid pull-apart (with bellows). I also had a working darkroom for some years.

    Gold Street Studios 
  • Publications

    In 2006 I began dabbling in Zines and by 2007 I had completed an Introductory Bookbinding Course with the Queensland Bookbinders Guild (QBG - Brisbane).  Since then I have been involved in numerous events, festivals and exhibitions for Artists' Books.  In 2012 I was formally added to 'The Ephemera Collection' of the Australian Library of Art collections at the State Library of Queensland where I am now held and collected.

    The State Library of Queensland Collection 
  • 'Open Studio' ~ 2018

    Open Studio joint exhibition between myself and Paula Walden (jeweller). Life drawings produced over the course of a year from 2017 to 2018 as part of my visual arts practice. Held on level 3 at Metro Arts, Brisbane ~ my studio space from 2016 to 2019 at their old premises on George Street.

    Metro Arts 
  • 'Elements' ~ 2016

    'Elements' was a group print exhibition by members of Migaloo Press, an artist collective in Southeast Queensland and beyond.  This marked the inaugeration of the collective.  Artists included Jennifer Stuerzl, Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, Pat Zuber, Evelyne Upton, Sandra Pearce, Sue Poggioli, Sue Christie, Glenys Briggs, Kay Watanabe, Gerry Connelly, Marianne Wobcke, Jen Conde, Julianna Joos and Jay Dee Dearness.

    Held at Impress Printmakers Studio and Gallery, Brisbane.

    Migaloo Press 
  • 'Blueprint' ~2014

    ‘Blueprint’ exhibition was an exhibition of fine art prints by ten Brisbane printmakers responding to ’art and architecture’. Artists include, Vanessa Cox, Jay Dee Dearness, Amanda Page, Sandra Pearce, Ann Roworth, Jennifer Sanzaro-Nishimura, Belinda Sinclair, Evelyn Upton, Kay Watanabe and Pat Zuber.  Held at the Baber Studio, Brisbane.

    Baber Studio 
  • 'Heritage Found' ~ 2014

    An Exhibition and Mapping Project of heritage buildings in the Brisbane CBD in association with the National Trust of Australia (Queensland).  Featuring the work of Chris Dunbar and Jay Dee Dearness.  Held at National Trust House as part of Brisbane Open House 2014.

    Photography care of Tim Nemeth and the Brisbane Living Heritage Network.

    National Trust of Australia (Queensland) 
  • 'Vie De Pacifique - Pacific Life' ~ 2012 to 2014

    'Vie de Pacifique-Pacific Life' was a unique exchange of original contemporary prints by 51 artists from seven countries in and around the Pacific Ocean.  Initiated, coordinated and curated by then Impress President Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, the exchange coincided with the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial and the 150 year commemoration of South Sea Islanders in Queensland.  This exhibition toured Australia, Chile, Hawaii, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines and Vanuatu from 2012 to 2014.

    7th Asia Pacific Triennial 
  • 'Water Portraits - Portraits d'eau' ~ 2011 to 2012

    The Portraits d'eau exhibition is an exchange between artists from the province of Quebec and the state of Queensland practicing the arts of printing or the original print. Twenty-two artists from both countries were invited to explore the theme of water to bring about a meeting between two cultures because each environment is decisive in our relationship to water." ~ from the catalogue.  Held  at the Warren G Flowers Gallery, Quebec, Canada.

    Photography care of Paula Quintela. 

    Warren G Flowers Gallery 
  • 'Cross Currents' ~ 2011

    An exhibition of photographic works by Jay Dee Dearness and Ashley Oostdyck exploring the convergence and occasional overlap of two different art projects on the same theme - the sea.  Held at Myrtle Street Studio, Brisbane.

    Invitation design and exhibition photography by Ashley Oostdyck.

    KT Doyle Write Up 
  • 'Penny Black' ~ 2010

    'Penny Black - Exhibition and Zine Launch' curated by Joanna Coltman. An exhibition and zine launch featuring the following exhibitors: Vanessa Berry and Simon Yates, Joanna Coltman, Jay Dee Dearness, Manuela Dobelin, Georgina Lewis, Kate Moore, Joy Serwylo, Michelle Vandermeer and EJ Zyla.  Held at Myrtle Street Studio, Brisbane.

    In the collection of the National Library of Australia.

    Photography by Joanna Coltman (Smith) and Jay Dee Dearness ~ invitation by Ashley Oostdyck.

    Vanessa Berry Write Up 
  • 'Home: A Look at Sustainable Living' ~ 2017

    A design and architecture exhibition for the built environment focusing on sustainability in the Scenic Rim.  The team comprised of myself (the artist), a landscape architect, building designer and ESD engineer.  We were the only contribution that actively explored cultural sustainability as part of our wholistic proposal and engaged the local indigenous community in the development of the concept for 'Mununujali Cultural Centre'.

    Co-ordinated by the Scenic Rim Regional Council in collaboration with Scenic Rim Heritage Network. Exhibited at 'The Centre' Beaudesert, Queensland.

    'The Centre,' Beaudesert 
  • Catalyst Church Public Art Commission ~ 2016

    The Catalyst Church in Ipswich honoured the heritage of this site by thoughtfully reworking an existing metal foundry to create a church, community facility and café for parishioners.

    Contracted by Smith Architects, Jay Dee was asked to provide elements that would serve to tie the different buildings within the site together and provide warm but dynamic focal points for the architectural

    refurbishment. Using her knowledge of biophilia, Jay Dee created a screen system and wallpaper design to be incorporated throughout the complex.

    This project subsequently won a heritage and design award through the Ipswich City Council in 2016.

    Catalyst Church 
  • MA (Visual Art) ~ 2015

    The Master of Arts in Visual Arts (Queensland College of Art - Griffith University) expanded my practice as a fine artist from paper based techniques such as drawing, watercolour, printing and photography (analogue and digital) into a public art context. The installation consisted of a mobile projector, video projections and performance.  The mobile projector is a second-hand trishaw that I refurbished and modified to provide electricity on-the-go for the projections and accompanying music.

    The project culminated in a site-specific public artwork located at Urban Climb, West End – a popular rock climbing venue in Brisbane.

    Urban Climb 
  • 'Fish Lane Follies' Public Art Event ~ 2015

    Fish Lane Follies was a projection art installation for an event held in conjunction with Brisbane City Council and the University of Queensland School of Architecture.  Set in Fish Lane (South Brisbane) this art piece explored human relationships with biophilic patterns through ocean forms as part of the themed festival. This went on to become the annual Fish Lane Festival in later years.

    Fish Lane Festival 
  • Projection Art ~ Ongoing (since 2012)

    Projection art has been a more public way to engage with my local community since 2012. I've been involved in random street art collaborations as well as more formal engagements through institutions and councils. Much of this work has been created through my cross-disiplinary practice in printmaking, drawing & photography. The output exploring themes of our biophilic connection with nature, community and culture through a mindful practice of wellbeing. This carries through to, and feeds my work in sustianability.

  • Mulan Artist Residency ~ 2013

    A two week residency workshop with the Mulan Indigenous Community (Western Australian Desert), an aboriginal community located on Walmajarri land (along the Canning Stock Route).  I was invited to contribute to a placemaking and cross-cultural community engagement through art at their Warruyanta Art Centre.

    Warruyanta Art Centre 
  • Myrtle Street Studio ~ 2010 to 2013

    Myrtle Street Studio was an independent ARI (Artist Run Initiative) which opened to the publice in early 2010.  Situated within the Grange (Brisbane), it incorporated a gallery space, specialist book/print store and artist studio including a photography lab and two printing presses (a letterpress and etching press).

    Specifically designed to fill a gap in Brisbane's art scene, Myrtle Street Studio represented emerging to mid-career artists who worked primarily in print and paper-based media.  The studio provided a professional yet accessible contemporary art space for the local community with regluar by-monthly exhibitions.  I completed commissions and taught fine art from this space until it was onsold.

    Myrtle Street Studio 
  • 'The Gift' (Cooroora Institute Artist Residency) - 2010

    The output of an artist residency (by invitation) undertaken in August/September 2010 at the Cooroora Institute, Cooroy. The work explored connections to place and the local environment through biophilic printmaking and culminated in a communal dinner with local creatives to enjoy the outcomes and lessons learned.

    The Cooroora Institute 
  • 'Burn Loose' ~ 2010

    Some of the results of a workshop I was invited to lead in conjunction with Burn Loose (an architectural event through the University of Queensland) to map the movements of a local watercourse using lanterns and long exposure photography at dusk.

    Burn Loose 
  • Master Printer in Copperplate Photogravure ~ 2010 & 2011

    After 4 years of study in printmaking within Australia, I undertook two week-long intensive workshops at Crown Point Press (San Francisco) in 2010 and a one-week one-on-one intensive workshop with Jon Goodman (Massachusetts) in 2011 to master the Copperplate Photogravure technique of printmaking.

    Part of being an artist involves teaching others and I have taught printmaking and drawing since 2009 both privately and through the Brisbane Institute of Art.

    Crown Point Press