Magnolia Magic

This pattern is inspired by roadtrips through two of my favourite places for hippie vibes in Australia - Newtown and Mullumbimby!  The floral pattern represents the beautiful Magnolia tree which blooms everywhere in Newtown in early spring, and the colours are based on the colourful country hues of Mullumbimby.

This pattern comes in a variety of colours and sizes:

  • Full Colour patterns are a mix of 12 bright and beautiful hues that compliment each other for a lovely energetic feel in your home
  • Half Colour patterns are a mix of 12 bright pastel versions of the same hues for those who want a slightly more mellow joyful vibe
  • Multicolour patterns are a mix of 12 pattern colours that are two-tone, to give you the best of both worlds to mix and match with your decor, and also includes a black and white + a grey and white version of the pattern
  • 'Aussie Picnic' is a special capsule collection of the Magnolia Magic range that has been designed for the festive season, great companion decor for your seasonal BBQ, picnic, beachside, and indoor and outdoor celebratory events

Sizing of the Magnolia pattern is available in all the above mentioned colours in a Large, Medium and Small pattern size:

  • Large - great for a feature pillow or bedspread
  • Medium - looks good on sheets, and a variety of other products such as tablecloths
  • Small - best used for placemats, coasters, napkins and tea towels

Feel free to mix and match your own colours and pattern sizes!  This is only a guide and some of the larger patterns will also look great on placemats etc.

If you are unsure about choosing, you can always order a sample of the print for roughly $10 on fabric to gauge which style/size/colour you would prefer.  Feel free to contact me if you need assistance with this process.