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Continuing this month's theme of the partners I work with to produce my finished products, Redbubble acts as a vibrant platform that empowers artists and designers to showcase their creativity globally without the traditional hurdles of inventory management and logistics. Redbubble's unique print-on-demand model allows for a diverse array of artworks to be printed on a wide variety of products, from apparel to home decor, making art accessible and wearable. This approach not only benefits artists (like myself) by expanding their reach but also aligns with conscious consumption practices for collectors.

The traditional model of selling art based products, involving bulk production, storage, and fulfillment, often places a significant physical and financial strain on artists. Redbubble's model alleviates these pressures by eliminating the need for personal inventory. This shift has a subtle yet profound implication for artists' health, reducing the stress and physical demands associated with managing and shipping products. By delegating production and distribution to Redbubble, artists can maintain a healthier balance between their professional ambitions and personal well-being.  This was definitely a key reason I chose to work with Redbubble to start out.

For many artists like myself, the journey of creation is intertwined with the desire for connection and visibility. Redbubble's global platform offers an unparalleled opportunity for artists to reach an international audience, significantly impacting their mental health and sense of accomplishment. The validation and support from a wider community can boost confidence, inspire further creativity, and foster a sense of belonging and recognition.

One of the greatest gifts to the creative process is time. Redbubble understands this, providing a streamlined platform where artists can upload their designs, set their preferences, and then return to what we do best: creating. This efficient model drastically reduces the time spent on administrative and logistical tasks, allowing artists to allocate more time to their art, family, and self-care. This aspect of Redbubble is a necessary requirement for many artists like myself who manage a day job and need to find a harmonious work-life balance.

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Redbubble's print-on-demand model stands out for its sustainability benefits. By printing products only when there is a demand, Redbubble minimizes waste associated with unsold inventory and overproduction, a critical consideration for environmentally conscious artists and consumers alike. Moreover, Redbubble's efforts to incorporate eco-friendly practices and materials in their production processes where possible is of great reassurance to myself as a maker and producer.

Redbubble is committed to sustainability and ethical practices. They print products on demand, meaning items are made only when ordered, reducing waste. They ensure that 95% of packages originate from the same region they're ordered in, decreasing shipping emissions. Redbubble partners with renewable energy specialists to offset carbon emissions from shipping. They also require third-party printers and manufacturers to adhere to the Fair Labor Association (FLA) Code of Conduct, which mandates safe working conditions, environmental impact minimization, and respect for workers. This approach showcases Redbubble's efforts to balance creativity with social responsibility and environmental stewardship. If you'd like more information on this, visit Redbubble's sustainability page​​.

Another point I really love about Redbubble is that it is also an Australian company. It was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006. The platform operates globally, providing a marketplace for artists to sell their artwork on a variety of products, but it originated and has its roots in Australia. Redbubble primarily uses a global network of third-party suppliers and manufacturers to print and ship products directly to customers. While it's an Australian company, the manufacturing and printing of products are not necessarily based in Australia. Redbubble's print-on-demand model allows for products to be created closer to the customer's location to reduce shipping times and environmental impact. This means that manufacturing can take place in various locations around the world, depending on the product and where the order is placed.

Redbubble offers more than just a platform for selling art; it provides a holistic ecosystem that supports artists' health, wellbeing, time management, and sustainability goals. For my customers and collectors, who value wellness and conscious living, Redbubble represents a harmonious blend of creativity, care, and sustainability. Engaging with Redbubble not only amplifies the reach of artists but also aligns with the mindful consumption and lifestyle practices that I seek to constantly promote through my work.

Did you know?  All of my released patterns are available through Redbubble's product range?  Check them out here if you are interested - an example of my 'Secret Garden in Green' pattern on Redbubble products is shown above.

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